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Our Services

ABA Therapy

The heart of our services, ABA therapy is considered the gold standard of treatment for individuals with autism and other developmental disorders. Therapy focuses on teaching the skills that will make the most direct impact in a child's day to day lives. We offer half day and full day ABA therapy programs. Therapy generally occurs in the clinic environment, and incorporates components of home, school, and community generalization to ensure that the critical skills learned in the clinic environment can also be transferred into the child's natural environment as well. ABA therapy is fun and engaging, typically taught in naturally occurring settings, is tailored to the individual strengths, needs, and motivations of the individual learner. Individual skills targeted vary as dramatically as the individuals themselves, but common areas of focus often include skill areas such as communication, self-care and daily routine independence, coping and compromising skills, social skills, learner readiness, teaching successful alternatives to challenging behaviors, and more.

Diagnostic Evaluation Referrals

We refer to a network of diagnosticians that can help to provide a range of diagnostic evaluations for your child. We choose preferred providers that offer high quality services at affordable prices, maintain short wait lists, and have a track record of ongoing collaborative treatment to help build a cross-discipline treatment “team” approach for your child’s needs.

School Consultation

Workshops and Training

BCBA Professional Supervision

Supervision for professionals going through coursework to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Includes a combination of Individual and Group Supervision. Supervision focuses on teaching the clinical skills necessary to be a well-rounded and knowledgeable BCBA, and implementing the concepts learned in BCBA coursework into one’s current work environment to maximize success. Includes both individual and group supervision formats and meets full requirements of BCBA supervision standards. Opportunities for experience to meet experience standards are available through Colorado Autism Consultants for qualified applicants.