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Our Services

ABA Therapy 

The heart of our services, ABA therapy is considered the gold standard of treatment for individuals with autism and other developmental disorders. Therapy focuses on teaching the skills that will make the most direct impact in a child's day to day lives. We offer half day and full day ABA therapy programs. Therapy generally occurs in the clinic environment, and incorporates components of home, school, and community generalization to ensure that the critical skills learned in the clinic environment can also be transferred into the child's natural environment as well. ABA therapy is fun and engaging, typically taught in naturally occurring settings, is tailored to the individual strengths, needs, and motivations of the individual learner. Individual skills targeted vary as dramatically as the individuals themselves, but common areas of focus often include skill areas such as communication, self-care and daily routine independence, coping and compromising skills, social skills, learner readiness, teaching successful alternatives to challenging behaviors, and more.

Diagnostic Evaluations

We refer to a network of diagnosticians that can help to provide a range of diagnostic evaluations for your child. We choose preferred providers that offer high quality services at affordable prices, maintain short wait lists, and have a track record of ongoing collaborative treatment to help build a cross-discipline treatment “team” approach for your child’s needs.

School Consultation

A) General Consultation – This service is available directly to an individual School or District and goals are determined on an individual basis depending on specific school needs and goals. Examples of past School Consultation projects include completing FBAs and creating BIPs for students with maladaptive behaviors, teacher and team training on behavior intervention packages, Professional Development series in autism, managing maladaptive behaviors, or other related topics, setting up whole classroom interventions to support individuals with special needs, implementation of data collection procedures meet IEP requirements and accurately capture progress made, general consultation and ongoing support in development of high quality autism or special needs programs, or consultation related to building capacity within existing school teams that serve high-needs populations. Ideal candidates are school teams or districts who want additional support for their special needs students and to build capacity within their own team to meet these needs.

B) FBA/BIP Package: 20-hour package that includes completion of a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) to determine what purpose a given maladaptive behavior serves for an individual and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) that outlines a step-by-step plan for how to reduce the problem behavior and teach replacement skills that serve the same purpose of the client. Includes parent, teacher, or caregiver training on the plan according to setting. This is a good option for an individual whose only therapeutic requests are related to reduction of interfering behaviors. And for whom ongoing therapy are not feasible.

C) Independent Educational Evaluation – A third party, private evaluation of a student in the school environment and recommendations for supports and services appropriate for the student to best access and learn from the school environment. Includes any necessary home-school collaboration related to the evaluation and attendance to team meeting to review results. Candidates of this service include students with a developmental, social-emotional, or behavioral disorder who are being evaluation by the school but require and outside or third-party expertise to complete evaluation.

Workshops and Training

A) We offer a variety of workshop and professional development training topics, including Introduction to Autism, Basics Strategies for Teaching Language and Communication, Crisis De-Escalation, Problem Solving Problem Behaviors, and more. Special topics available on request.

B) Virtual Parent Training – Includes a combination of individual and group trainings for parents, and supplemental online content. Parent training is designed to help families and loved ones learn practical skills that can be applied in their child's day to day life and routines.

C) Virtual Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Training Package – Includes a 40-hour self-paced online training package in Applied Behavior Analysis that meets the training requirements of RBT certification. Option to include a 2 hour in-person competency assessment at the conclusion of training to meet the second requirement for RBT certification. Candidates for this program are individuals who would like to pursue entry-level training and certification in Applied Behavior Analysis.

BCBA Professional Supervision

Supervision for professionals going through coursework to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Includes a combination of Individual and Group Supervision. Supervision focuses on teaching the clinical skills necessary to be a well-rounded and knowledgeable BCBA, and implementing the concepts learned in BCBA coursework into one’s current work environment to maximize success. Includes both individual and group supervision formats and meets full requirements of BCBA supervision standards. Opportunities for experience to meet experience standards are available through Colorado Autism Consultants for qualified applicants.